Over time, the fatty layer of the skin loses thickness, causing the skin to sag. Many people think that removal of the loose skin in a face lift procedure is the solution to correct their unbalanced face. However, in some cases, the best solution is to simply fill out the skin that they already have.

Fat transplantation is the extraction of fat from areas of excess fat, such as the abdomen or the hips, and injecting that fat into various parts of the face. Fat is commonly transplanted into cheeks, the area around the mouth and the lower part of the forehead. Injected fat adds support to the facial structure and provides a more youthful appearance.

Fat transplantation does not come with a prolonged recovery if it is done in a series of procedures in which a small amount of fat is injected in the targeted areas. There is usually some swelling for the first two days after the procedure. Most patients feel comfortable appearing in public within two days. Note that the removal of fat from the abdomen or hips is a mini-liposuction. Consequently, fat transplantation benefits these areas in addition to the face.


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