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latisse for longer, thicker eyelashes

For patients who visit American Skin Institute due to lackluster growth of eyelashes, our doctors may prescribe Latisse. This medication is an FDA-approved formulation to treat hypotrichosis, a medical condition that causes hair follicles to grow hair stems that are thin and brittle. Our Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks and Westlake Village offices specialize in treating this condition, and our doctors have successfully helped patients grow longer, thicker eyelashes by utilizing Latisse. If you’re experiencing difficulties with problematic eyelash growth and are wondering if Latisse is the right solution in your situation, American Skin Institute doctors can help you address the problem quickly and efficiently. 

why eyelashes don’t grow

There are many reasons why some individuals may be unable to grow long, thick eyelashes. For many, the factors are genetic, while others may experience decrease in eyelash growth due to hormonal changes in the body.

At the core of the problem that causes many patients to seek a Latisse prescription, is the hair follicle. The hair follicle is responsible for growing the actual hair stem of the eyelash. Usually, the follicle will grow hair for one to two years, and will then enter a resting phase for a few months, only to restart the growth phase thereafter.

Individuals with thin and short eyelashes typically have hair follicles that are not able to achieve full growth potential due to inability to absorb and process vital nutrients. Further, some hormones in the body may signal the eyelash hair follicles to spend less time growing hair, and more time in the dormant phase.

how latisse works

Latisse was discovered by accident, when users of medicated eye drops for eye pressure unexpectedly experienced an improvement in eyelash thickness and growth. However, though the discovery was accidental, the results are real, and are achieved by lengthening the growth phase of the hair follicle before it enters the dormancy stage. This extended growth phase allows the hair strand to grow longer and thicker.

Further, buy lengthening the growth phase, more hair follicles end up producing eyelashes at the same time, which creates a fuller effect.

is latisse effective?

Several case studies suggest that Latisse can be quite effective for most individuals. At American Skin Institute we’ve worked with many patients who sought improvement in eyelash growth and were able to effectively use Latisse to achieve favorable results. Of course, Latisse results will vary from patient to patient, and your doctor will explore all available options to help you achieve improvement in eyelash volume.

latisse results

When applied once a day to the base of the upper eyelashes, Latisse thickens, lengthens and darkens eyelashes. Latisse users may expect longer, lusher eyelashes in just six weeks and full results in 16 weeks. This gives the hair follicles enough time to grow out the hair stem, and allows the patient to experience the most dramatic changes.

Because Latisse works by extending the hair growth cycle, this medication should be used continuously with a prescription to maintain long term results. Otherwise, eyelashes will return to their former shape if the user stops applying Latisse, as the growth phase will become shorter again.

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