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While the loss of a large amount of weight and body fat is most definitely a good thing, it can come with some unintended results. One of the problems that people face when losing a significant amount of weight is hanging skin. Excess fat on the body causes the skin to stretch in order to surround and support the weight and fat. Over time, this stretching can become permanent so that when one loses the weight, the fat is gone but the skin to support it is still there.

There are a variety of different cosmetic procedures that can be collectively referred to as a body lift that resolves the problem of hanging skin. Body lifts treat many areas, including sagging or hanging skin around the stomach, breasts, arms, legs, buttocks and even near the neck. Arm lifts are a great way to get rid of that excess skin that often hangs under arms after the loss of a significant amount of weight. Various procedures for the face are also available to help tighten the skin and keep one looking young, fresh and vibrant. Body lifts are minimally invasive procedures that do not leave one recovering for weeks; in fact, the aftercare for a body lift is generally just a few days of rest with little after pain reported.

Body and arm lifts are simple procedures that will allow one to really see the benefits of having lost a significant amount of weight. These procedures can help to tighten the body up and get rid of hanging skin with ease. New technologies enable doctors to perform body lifts as outpatient procedures that do not require lengthy hospital stays. Furthermore, many are done in just a couple of hours and patients are able to return home the same day. Time spent in recovery typically does not exceed three to four days with body and arm lifts.

Pairing a body and/or arm lift with weight loss surgery or choosing to go this route after extensive weight loss is a great way to really get that body of one’s dreams. Hanging skin is just a reality of losing a large amount of weight after a lengthy period of carrying around excess poundage. These minimally-invasive procedures are safe, effective and simple, resulting very little recovery time and scarring, as well as involving minimal pain. Body and arm lifts are a great way to boost one’s self-confidence and feel great in how one looks in and out of clothing.

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