By targeting specific areas such as the thighs, abdomen, face, ankles and neck, liposuction by one of our highly skilled surgeons in Los Angeles – Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks or Westlake can correct areas that resist other weight loss tactics.

With a small incision, one of our cosmetic surgeons uses an instrument to suction fat cells from targeted problem areas. Most surgeons will apply tumescent anesthesia to patients where local anesthesia is injected into targeted areas. Tumescent anesthesia reduces the level of complications after surgery. Most patients recover faster from this type of anesthesia. Often, non-strenuous activities are resumed within two days because swelling and other post-operative effects are reduced. After four days of wearing a compression garment to minimize swelling, patients can resume normal activities.

Typically, results are noticeable soon after liposuction surgery with continual improvement over the next few months.

Call American Skin Institute at one of our convenient locations in Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks or Westlake Village today to schedule an appointment and see if liposuction body sculpting is right for you.


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