Jessner’s Peel can be used with all skin types to also treat mild or even severe acne, sun damage, mild to moderate wrinkles, and discoloration. This technique is advantageous when compared to others because it is also acceptable to use on the hands, neck, and upper chest.

Those with particularly oily skin often especially benefit from a Jessner’s peel. This is because it tends to open up clogged pores and reduce oil production. Since plugged sebaceous follicles and excess oil are common factors in acne, this type of peel tends to aid in the healing of acne conditions.

The exfoliation of the skin produced by a combination of resorcinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid. A licensed dermatologist is required because this procedure more deeply penetrates the outer layers of skin than more minimal chemical peels. Evidence of this more substantial effect occurs 3-4 days following the peel, when noticeable exfoliation and flaking appears. This process of renewal continues for about one week total. The final result, only a week after the treatment, is the revealing of a smoother and healthier skin layer.


This is a peel of medium depth that requires a dermatologist to perform, and addresses more substantial skin damage than lighter peels can address. To begin the procedure, dermatologists use a glycolic cleanser to thoroughly remove the skin oils and the layer to allow a better penetration of the chemicals that will be applied. The Jessner’s solution is then spread over the face. A slight burning sensation is often felt by the patient, but this effect can be reduced by a fan blowing cool air in the area. Finally, your dermatologist will apply an acid neutralizer, and the solution will be washed off with cool water. Flaking and peeling will occur for approximately seven days. The skin then turns pink or brown as healthy, younger-looking, more vibrant skin is revealed.

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