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American Skin Institute offers Botox treatments in Sherman Oaks, Westlake Village and Beverly Hills locations. Our medical providers are highly trained in administering this treatment in a way that creates results that appear natural, without affecting your ability to make facial expressions. Our providers offer Botox injections as one of many treatment options for wrinkles and fine lines on the skin, and will develop a specialized treatment plan that achieves natural-looking results.

Whether you’ve had Botox injections before, or if you are just considering this treatment for the first time, our expert medical providers will approach your goals and concerns with utmost care and professionalism. To set up your consultation, please contact one of our dermatology offices in Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks and Westlake Village.

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what botox treats

Botox is FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. However, physicians have been using Botox for years to treat other facial creases, such as lines around the eye.

Before receiving a Botox treatment, it’s important to distinguish between wrinkles that are caused by certain facial movements and wrinkles caused by the combination of gravity and decreased skin elasticity. Though these injections can be effective at addressing the former type of facial wrinkles, they will not diminish the appearance of lines caused by excessive sun exposure and gravity. This is because Botox injections target muscle movements, not skin damage.

how botox works

Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, is a specialized chemical that temporarily blocks communication between nerves and the targeted muscles. When injected correctly, the contraction of the targeted muscle will become significantly relaxed. Since the muscle doesn’t move much, it no longer pulls on the surrounding skin, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften.

It is important to note that for the results to look natural, the botulinum toxin must be injected correctly, and into the right areas on the face. If too much Botox is used, or if it’s injected into the wrong parts of the face, the patient will be left with a fake appearance that makes it obvious that they’ve had cosmetic work performed.

At American Skin Institute, our providers are highly trained in Botox injections. We have deep expertise in using just the right amounts of Botox for the face and neck, and are able to pin-point the best injection sites with accuracy. Our treatments have helped many patients achieve a youthful appearance that looks natural and aesthetically pleasing.

how long does botox last?

It usually takes three to seven days to see the full effects of the Botox injections. The duration of results will vary based on the patient’s unique body chemistry. However, patients typically experience positive effects for 3-6 months. Upkeep treatments can also be used to extend these results.

botox for excessice sweating

In addition to diminishing facial lines and wrinkles, Botox can be used to decrease excessive sweating on your hands or underarms. This treatment has been effective in many patients for whom other anti-perspiration solutions do not work.

how the botox treatment is performed

Cosmetic Botox treatments take just a few minutes and can be completed on your lunch break. No anesthesia is required for Botox injections and there is ony minor discomfort. To increase patient comfort, American Skin Institute providers use thin, short needles to perform the injection. This approach significantly reduces any discomfort and bruising.

Typically, Botulinum Toxin will be injected throughout different parts of the face, to create a balanced, natural look. Other treatments, like facial fillers, can also be combined with this procedure to address different skin complaints at the same time.

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