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IPL Treatment & Photofacials in Los Angeles

Patients who visit American Skin Institute Laser Center often do so to treat red, brown and dark spots on the face, neck and hands. These issues are collectively referred to as hyperpigmentation, and are often the result of sun damage, which gradually accumulates over years and decades. In other cases, these spots can be the result of acne scars, and pregnancy-induced melasma. To treat such hyperpigmentation, American Skin Institute offers a state-of-the art Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatments; to rejuvenate the skin and break down pigment clusters.

How IPL Laser Treatment Works

IPL laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure that reduces the appearance of scars, rosacea, sun damage, age spots and other skin imperfections. This is achieved by delivering specific pulses of light wavelengths, which help break apart the pigment and stimulate the body’s natural reparative processes.

However, the key is to select the right wavelengths of light, as each wavelength can affect different parts of the skin cell structure. In fact, IPL laser skin treatments have become so advanced, that American Skin Institute providers can treat as many as 30 different skin conditions by carefully calibrating the wavelength settings to match the unique needs of our patients.

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How IPL Laser Skin Treatments are Performed

The IPL laser skin treatment is a relatively quick procedure, and is virtually painless. When you come in for your laser procedure, we will carefully assess the problem skin area to determine the underlying cause of your hyperpigmentation. Then, we will design an IPL laser treatment plan to address the unique needs of your skin.

When the procedure starts, the American Skin Institute provider will calibrate the machine to specific wavelengths for your treatment course. You will be provided special protective eyewear, to keep your eyes safe during the procedure, and a special cooling gel will be applied to the treatment area. Then, your medical provider will use a specialized hand-held laser wand to treat the problem areas of your skin.

At American Skin Institute, we use IPL lasers that allow for highly targeted treatment, and your medical provider will carefully work through the treatment site to ensure that the proper amount of light energy is delivered to the area.

Is IPL Laser Skin Treatment Painful?

The laser skin treatment with IPL technology is virtually painless. Most patients compare the sensation to a light cracking of a rubber band against the skin. The cooling gel plays a big role in reducing any discomfort, to the point that local anesthetic is not necessary.

IPL Laser Skin Treatment Results

Laser skin treatments with IPL technology are highly effective. Most patients begin to see positive results after just one or two sessions. For best results, however, approximately six sessions are necessary.

The Benefits of IPL Laser Treatment

One reason why many American Skin Institute patients choose the IPL laser skin treatment is because it is a less invasive alternative to chemical peels. Chemical peels are a lot less targeted and focus on removing the uppermost layer of skin cells, regardless of whether that skin is healthy or not. Consequently, chemical peels may require several days of down time, for the skin to recover. Of course, in some cases (when a lot of skin damage must be repaired) a chemical peel may be a far better option. However, for patients who would like to address specific hyperpigmentation issues, the IPL laser treatment is likely a better solution.

IPL Laser Treatment Recovery

Because the IPL laser treatment is minimally-invasive, patients can often return home immediately after treatment. Further, because IPL targets the dermis without affecting the epidermis, peeling and recovery time are significantly reduced. Some patients will experience redness for a day or two after treatment, but such side effects are significantly less visible with the IPL laser treatment as opposed to a chemical peel.

At American Skin Institute, we’ve used IPL laser skin treatments for many years, and have helped thousands of patients remove dark spots and other skin discoloration with this procedure. If you are suffering from skin pigmentation issues, please set up an appointment at our Laser Center in Sherman Oaks or Westlake Village. Just give us a call or fill out the contact form below!

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At American Skin Institute of Los Angeles, we're proud to offer Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment to the Los Angeles area and across Southern California. With three locations in Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, and Westlake Village, we are easily accessible to residents throughout the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas for Intense Pulsed Light Laser Treatment, including: Agoura, Brentwood, Burbank, Calabasas, Camarillo, Chatsworth, Encino, Glendale, Granada Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Mission Hills, Moorpark, North Hollywood, Simi Valley, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Valley Glen, Westwood, Woodland Hills

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